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Base NameEgg production - conventional layer
Treatments, Standards and RoutesEgg production in conventional housing system, Canadian average
Mix and LocationProduction mix, at farm gate
Functional Unit Flow PropertiesMass per egg - 60 g.
Name SynonymsConventional cages; egg layers; caged egg production;
Quantitative Reference1000 kilograms of eggs
Dataset Starting Year2019
Dataset Valid Until2019
Time RepresentativityAnnual, for year 2019
Technology CharacteristicsConventional cages, average temperature of 23.7°C, manure management included
Intended Process ApplicationsEggs produced to be used for table eggs or egg processing - post grading.
Ecospold Activity Type1
Ecospold Special Activity Type0
ClassificationAgricultural production means (2.10)
Quantitative Reference TypeReference flow(s)
Dataset Time Domain ValidityTrue
LocationCanada (CA)
Included ProcessesEmpty
LCI Method PrincipleAttributional
LCI Principles DeviationsAttributional LCI methods used
LCI Method ApproachesAllocation - gross calorific value
LCI Method DeviationsAllocation by gross chemical content;93% to eggs, 7% to spent hens.
Modelling Constants93% of spent hens to human consumption and animal feed rendering, 7% of spent hens considered as waste due to incineration and composting; 26% of mortalities to animal feed rendering, 74% of mortalities considered as waste due to incineration and composting.; Manure storage: 5.34% covered liquid, 14.72% uncovered liquid, 56.38% covered dry pile, 9.36% uncovered dry pile, 14.20% dry pit;
Modelling Constant DeviationsNA
Data Cutoff/Completeness Principles Infrastructure and farm machinery not considered; Other exclusions are antibiotics, cleaners, and enteric fermentation for poultry; Emissions related to burning of industrial machinery not included.
Deviations from Cutoff/Completeness PrinciplesNA
Data Selection/Combination PrinciplesBased on data from 151 reporting layer facilities representing 77823112 dozen eggs sold. Values represent production weighted averages for each input.Standard manure excretion rate assumed, scaled to feed conversion efficiency
Deviations from Selection/Combination PrinciplesNA
Data Treatment and Extrapolation PrinciplesDozens per hen was chosen as a metric to use for outlier identification to account for variability in length of lay cycle and number of hens housed. Farms were identified as production outliers if dozens/hen > quartile 3 + 1.5* Interquartile range, or if dozens/hen < quartile 1 - 1.5* Interquartile range. Farms identified as production outliers were removed completely. Further outlier detection in the same manner was performed for each individual input, using input levels. Outliers for each input were removed from calculation of production weighted averages for that input.
Deviations from Treatment and Extrapolation PrinciplesNA
Supply Coverage12.5%
Dataset Use AdviceOnly used as a representation of average Canadian egg production from conventional layer facilities
Dataset Review SummaryCompleteness checks for all survey responses, outliers excluded
Type of Dataset ModellingUnit process, single operation
Dataset SourceEgg industry baseline LCA
Dataset Review TypeDependent internal review
Dataset ScopeRaw data
Dataset Review MethodExpert judgement
Technological RepresentativenessVery good
Time RepresentativenessVery good
Geographical RepresentativenessGood
Methodological Appropriateness and ConsistencyGood
Overall QualityGood
ReviewerNathan Pelletier
Review Report SourceEgg industry baseline LCA
Overall Compliance ApprovalNot defined
Nomenclature ComplianceNot defined
Methodological ComplianceNot defined
Review ComplianceNot defined
Documentation ComplianceNot defined
Quality ComplianceNot defined
IDFlow TypeFlow ReferenceDirectionMean AmountResulting Amount
0Not Elementary Flow (0) EggOutput10001000
1Not Elementary Flow (0) Feed - layerInput19201920
2Not Elementary Flow (0) Pullets-conventionalInput50.7450.74
3Not Elementary Flow (0) Tap waterInput34103410
4Not Elementary Flow (0) Electricity - medium voltageInput723.89723.89
5Not Elementary Flow (0) Diesel Input0.000190.00019
6Not Elementary Flow (0) Light fuel oilInput0.02430.0243
7Not Elementary Flow (0) Liquefied petroleum gasInput0.040.04
8Not Elementary Flow (0) Petrol - unleaded, burned in machineryInput3.833.83
9Not Elementary Flow (0) Heat -central or small-scale, natural gasInput25.66525.665
10Not Elementary Flow (0) TransportInput110.36110.36
11Not Elementary Flow (0) TransportInput11.1711.17
12Not Elementary Flow (0) TransportInput0.080.08
13Not Elementary Flow (0) TransportInput0.0010.001
14Not Elementary Flow (0) TransportInput17.9817.98
15Not Elementary Flow (0) TransportInput3.263.26
16Not Elementary Flow (0) Mortality-conventional cage layerOutput1.451.45
17Not Elementary Flow (0) Spent hensOutput83.8083.80
18Not Elementary Flow (0) Poultry manureOutput10901090
19Emissions to air, unspecified (1.3.4) AmmoniaOutput22.276822.2768
20Emissions to air, unspecified (1.3.4) nitrous oxideOutput0.85220.8522
21Emissions to air, unspecified (1.3.4) methane (biogenic)Output6.79656.7965
22Emissions to air, unspecified (1.3.4) nitrogen monoxideOutput4.38354.3835
23Emissions to water, unspecified (1.1.3) nitrateOutput24.655524.6555
24Emissions to water, unspecified (1.1.3) phosphateOutput0.4030.403
Dataset Version02.02.001
Dataset Intended ApplicationsPublic release
Dataset URI../processes/09dbb88c-5f07-48c3-86a0-84bc6543d0bd.xml
Dataset Access RestrictionsFree to use
CommissionerNathan Pelletier
Data EntryVivek
Approval SourceEgg industry baseline LCA
OwnerNathan Pelletier
Dataset CopyrightFalse
Dataset License TypeFree of charge for all users and uses