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Base NameStored hay from Canada
Treatments, Standards and RoutesAverage hay storage
Mix and LocationSilage or haylage in vertical silo (6%), silage or haylage in horizontal silo (4%), silage or haylage sealed in plastic (9%) and hay in round bales (81%).
Functional Unit Flow PropertiesThe dataset includes material and infrastructure inputs, as well as storage loss. Quantities are per metric tonne of hay (corrected to 90% dry matter).
Name Synonymssilage; haylage; bales
Quantitative Referencestored hay
Dataset Starting Year2009
Dataset Valid Until2018
Time RepresentativityTen-year average
Technology CharacteristicsNA
Intended Process ApplicationsStored hay modelled in this dataset is intended for cattles.
Ecospold Activity Type1
Ecospold Special Activity Type0
ClassificationAgricultural production means (2.10)
Quantitative Reference TypeReference flow(s)
Dataset Time Domain ValidityTrue
LocationCanada (CA)
Included ProcessesEmpty
LCI Method PrincipleAttributional
LCI Principles DeviationsAttributional LCI methods were used.
LCI Method ApproachesAllocation - mass
LCI Method DeviationsNA
Modelling ConstantsNA
Modelling Constant DeviationsNA
Data Cutoff/Completeness PrinciplesNA
Deviations from Cutoff/Completeness PrinciplesNA
Data Selection/Combination PrinciplesWhere provincial data was unavailable, data from another region (another province or Canada).
Deviations from Selection/Combination PrinciplesNA
Data Treatment and Extrapolation PrinciplesNA
Deviations from Treatment and Extrapolation PrinciplesNA
Supply Coverage100
Dataset Use AdviceNA
Dataset Review SummaryInternal review was performed by Groupe AGÉCO comparing calculated values with other data sources. Data were reviewed by a scientific committee composed of beef industry, government and ENGO experts. External experts were also consulted.
Type of Dataset ModellingUnit process, single operation
Dataset SourceFMS 2017
Dataset Review TypeIndependent internal review
Dataset ScopeUnit process(es), single operation
Dataset Review MethodExpert judgement
Technological RepresentativenessVery good
Time RepresentativenessVery good
Geographical RepresentativenessGood
CompletenessVery good
PrecisionVery good
Methodological Appropriateness and ConsistencyVery good
Overall QualityVery good
Review Report SourceSCAC 2020
Overall Compliance ApprovalNot defined
Nomenclature ComplianceNot defined
Methodological ComplianceNot defined
Review ComplianceNot defined
Documentation ComplianceNot defined
Quality ComplianceNot defined
IDFlow TypeFlow ReferenceDirectionMean AmountResulting Amount
0Not Elementary Flow (0) Stored Hay (90%DM)Output10001000
1Not Elementary Flow (0) Infrastructure (pre-cast concrete for silos)Input0.040.04
2Not Elementary Flow (0) Infrastructure (steel for silos)Input0.030.03
3Not Elementary Flow (0) Plastics for baling (LDPE)Input1.91.9
4Not Elementary Flow (0) harvested hayInput10581058
Dataset Version01.00.000
Dataset Intended ApplicationsThe intended application of this dataset is to provide an LCI that integrates considerations at a regional and provincial level to facilitate data use in animal production LCAs in Canada, especially for beef production.
Dataset URI../processes/37eea296-f154-4c49-89f7-735ca6697b65.xml
Dataset Access RestrictionsNo restrictions
CommissionerGroupe AGÉCO
Data EntryGroupe AGÉCO
Approval SourceSCAC 2020
Dataset CopyrightTrue
Dataset License TypeFree of charge for all users and uses