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Base NameEgg production - pullets (organic)
Treatments, Standards and RoutesCanadian average organic pullets production, to be placed in layer facility; Manure management included.
Mix and LocationProduction mix, at pullet facility
Functional Unit Flow PropertiesMass per pullet - 1.42 kg.
Name SynonymsOrganic pullet farm; Organic pullet production facility;
Quantitative ReferenceOne thousand pullets
Dataset Starting Year2012
Dataset Valid Until2012
Time RepresentativityAnnual, for year 2012
Technology CharacteristicsUpstream - breeder facility, Downstream - non organic layer facilities.
Intended Process ApplicationsPullets to be placed in organic egg layer facilities.
Ecospold Activity Type1
Ecospold Special Activity Type0
ClassificationAgricultural production means (2.10)
Quantitative Reference TypeReference flow(s)
Dataset Time Domain ValidityTrue
LocationCanada (CA)
Included ProcessesEmpty
LCI Method PrincipleAttributional
LCI Principles DeviationsNA
LCI Method ApproachesAllocation - 100% to main function
LCI Method DeviationsNo allocation - all flows allocated to pullets
Modelling Constants45% of mortalities to animal feed rendering, 55% of mortalities considered as waste due to incineration and composting.
Modelling Constant DeviationsNA
Data Cutoff/Completeness PrinciplesInfrastructure and farm machinery not considered; Other exclusions are antibiotics, cleaners, and enteric fermentation for poultry; Emissions related to burning of industrial machinery not included.
Deviations from Cutoff/Completeness PrinciplesNA
Data Selection/Combination PrinciplesBased on data from three pullet facilities representing 73,736 pullets sold to organic layer facilities.
Deviations from Selection/Combination PrinciplesNA
Data Treatment and Extrapolation PrinciplesManure application based on US layer production; Insufficient data for water use - assumed same as in conventional pullet systems in this dataset's source.
Deviations from Treatment and Extrapolation PrinciplesNA
Supply CoverageNA
Dataset Use AdviceOnly used as a representation of average Canadian pullet production to be placed in organic layer facilities.
Dataset Review SummaryInternal review
Type of Dataset ModellingUnit process, single operation
Dataset SourceEgg industry baseline LCA
Dataset Review TypeDependent internal review
Dataset ScopeRaw data
Dataset Review MethodExpert judgement
Technological RepresentativenessVery good
Time RepresentativenessFair
Geographical RepresentativenessVery good
PrecisionVery good
Methodological Appropriateness and ConsistencyVery good
Overall QualityGood
ReviewerNathan Pelletier
Review Report SourceVivek
Overall Compliance ApprovalNot defined
Nomenclature ComplianceNot defined
Methodological ComplianceNot defined
Review ComplianceNot defined
Documentation ComplianceNot defined
Quality ComplianceNot defined
IDFlow TypeFlow ReferenceDirectionMean AmountResulting Amount
0Not Elementary Flow (0) Pullets - organicOutput10001000
1Not Elementary Flow (0) Poultry manureOutput33803380
2Not Elementary Flow (0) Pullet mortality-conventionalOutput2929
3Not Elementary Flow (0) Chicks-conventionalInput1029.921029.92
4Not Elementary Flow (0) Diesel Input00
5Not Elementary Flow (0) Electricity - medium voltageInput9419.3649419.364
6Not Elementary Flow (0) Feed - pulletsInput61906190
7Not Elementary Flow (0) Heat -central or small-scale, natural gasInput46622.9646622.96
8Not Elementary Flow (0) Liquefied petroleum gasInput00
9Not Elementary Flow (0) Petrol - unleaded, burned in machineryInput00
10Not Elementary Flow (0) Tap waterInput1103411034
11Not Elementary Flow (0) TransportInput19.5619.56
12Not Elementary Flow (0) TransportInput0.230.23
13Not Elementary Flow (0) TransportInput305.44305.44
14Not Elementary Flow (0) TransportInput20.5720.57
15Not Elementary Flow (0) TransportInput124.96124.96
16Emissions to air, unspecified (1.3.4) AmmoniaOutput77.177.1
17Emissions to air, unspecified (1.3.4) nitrous oxideOutput33
18Emissions to air, unspecified (1.3.4) methane (biogenic)Output3030
19Emissions to air, unspecified (1.3.4) nitrogen monoxideOutput15.215.2
20Emissions to water, unspecified (1.1.3) nitrateOutput65.465.4
21Emissions to water, unspecified (1.1.3) phosphateOutput1.221.22
Dataset Version02.01.001
Dataset Intended ApplicationsPublic release
Dataset URI../processes/929370ab-b6d9-4b46-bec4-86638c38b9ea.xml
Dataset Access RestrictionsFree to use
CommissionerNathan Pelletier
Data EntryVivek
Approval SourceEgg industry baseline LCA
OwnerNathan Pelletier
Dataset CopyrightFalse
Dataset License TypeFree of charge for all users and uses