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Base NameEgg production
Treatments, Standards and RoutesEgg production at farm level
Mix and LocationEgg production
Functional Unit Flow PropertiesEgg production
Name SynonymsEgg
Quantitative ReferenceEgg production
Dataset Starting Year2020
Dataset Valid Until2020
Time RepresentativitySeasonal
Technology CharacteristicsNone
Intended Process ApplicationsNone
Ecospold Activity Type1
Ecospold Special Activity Type4
ClassificationAgricultural production means (2.10)
Quantitative Reference TypeFunctional unit
Dataset Time Domain ValidityTrue
LocationCanada (CA)
Included ProcessesEmpty
LCI Method PrincipleAttributional
LCI Principles DeviationsAttributional LCA
LCI Method ApproachesAllocation - mass
LCI Method DeviationsNone
Modelling ConstantsNone
Modelling Constant DeviationsNone
Data Cutoff/Completeness PrinciplesCut offs
Deviations from Cutoff/Completeness PrinciplesCut offs
Data Selection/Combination PrinciplesNone
Deviations from Selection/Combination PrinciplesNone
Data Treatment and Extrapolation PrinciplesNone
Deviations from Treatment and Extrapolation PrinciplesNone
Supply Coverage10
Dataset Use AdviceNo recommendation
Dataset Review SummaryNo review
Type of Dataset ModellingUnit process, single operation
Dataset SourceTest source
Dataset Review TypeNot reviewed
Dataset ScopeRaw data
Dataset Review MethodDocumentation
Technological RepresentativenessVery good
Time RepresentativenessVery good
Geographical RepresentativenessVery good
CompletenessVery good
PrecisionVery good
Methodological Appropriateness and ConsistencyVery good
Overall QualityVery good
Review Report SourceTest source
Overall Compliance ApprovalNot defined
Nomenclature ComplianceNot defined
Methodological ComplianceNot defined
Review ComplianceNot defined
Documentation ComplianceNot defined
Quality ComplianceNot defined
IDFlow TypeFlow ReferenceDirectionMean AmountResulting Amount
0Not Elementary Flow (0) Egg farm01Output11
1Not Elementary Flow (0) nitrogenInput11
2Not Elementary Flow (0) WaterInput11
3Emissions to air, unspecified (1.3.4) CFC-10Input11
Dataset Version01.00.000
Dataset Intended ApplicationsEgg production at farm one
Dataset URI../processes/e1b05eba-5133-4000-aee2-312212d1a5ba.xml
Dataset Access RestrictionsFree to use
Data EntryDavoud01
Approval SourceTest source
Dataset CopyrightTrue
Dataset License TypeFree of charge for all users and uses