The Canadian Agri-food Lifecycle Database Centre

The CALDC is providing public access to 138 LCA datasets for the Canadian Agri-food industry.

The Canadian Agri-food Lifecycle Database Centre is dedicated to providing public access to high quality, geographically and temporally relevant data for agri-food industries within Canada. These datasets are offered free-of-charge and are produced by industry stakeholders, LCA researchers, and LCA practitioners.

Datasets can be created and submitted directly for inclusion to the CALDC using the SimpLCIty tool. This tool was developed to provide a simple web interface for creating and viewing Life Cycle Inventory datasets. You can click here to go to the login page to access the SimpLCIty tool.

The datasets provided through the CALDC are designed to be as interoperable as possible with existing datasets. Datasets are available in the form of ILCD processes as well as EcoSpold2 activities, with reference flows mapped across both for maximum interoperability. Datasets are also available in the form of ILCD flows, flow properties, contacts, and sources.

This project has been developed through the efforts of the University of British Columbia Okanagan Campus Food Systems Priority Research for Integrated Sustainability Management (PRISM) Lab.

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